3G Registration & Safety

Dear Parent,

We have agreed with the leisure centre to trial entering the 3G via the two gates closest the roundabout and exiting by the gates we currently use in the middle.

There is some concern around the car park proximity and your help is essential to the safety of the youngsters. I would like to start registration Saturday 16th, to that end once you drop off your child Saturday please ensure they go to the correct gate and then file to the right in the spectator area whilst the ladies register their attendance. Once registered they will be asked to move along the spectator area towards the exit.

Managers will keep their players together at the end of the session until they can be handed back to you. Please collect them rather than expect them to find you in the car park.

For those older players who currently make their own way to and from the facility that is U13 and above , they will be allowed to leave on their own unless you tell us otherwise.

Those that came last week must have noted the problem with parking so please try to make allowances, remember it is up to you to collect your child from the manager.

I have been asked by the centre management to remind everyone there is no smoking on any part of the facility.

Also managers should make sure all water bottles are picked up after their session

Many thanks,